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Friend --

Spread the word! The Uplift Inglewood Coalition will be hosting a free legal clinic for community members seeking legal advice with regard to housing on Thursday, February 28th at 600 Centinela Ave, Inglewood, CA 90302

Free legal consultations will take place between 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Participants must arrive before 7:30PM in order to receive free legal advice in regard to housing issues.

You must register for the clinic ahead of time to see an attorney. 

Click here to register

Note: Legal services provided at the clinic are free but eligibility screening is required upon arrival.

Inglewood 25% or More Rent Increase Questionnaire

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Dear Friend --

The City of Inglewood is circulating a form to find out about rent increases in Inglewood of 25% or more. Have you completed the questionnaire? Once you fill it out, let Uplift Inglewood know  so that we can help hold our elected officials accountable. If you or someone you know needs help filling out the City's questionnaire or uploading documents, we can help! Drop by 600 Centinela Ave, Inglewood, CA 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. 

Please forward this email to anyone you know who may have received a rent increase in Inglewood.


La Ciudad de Inglewood está circulando un cuestionario sobre los aumentos de renta en Inglewood de más de 25%. Usted lo ha completado? Después de que lo haga, cuentenos aquí para que Uplift Inglewood le podemos ayudar conseguir ayuda de la Ciudad. Si usted o algún conocido necesite ayuda para completar el cuestionario de la ciudad, venga a nuestra oficina los lunes a viernes de 9am-5pm y le podemos ayudar: 600 Centinela Ave, Inglewood, CA.�

Por favor envíe este mensaje a los que han recibido un aumento de renta en Inglewood.

Uplift Inglewood Coalition

One Year of 1:1 Friendship with Skid Row Resident

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What if each of us reached out to one person, got to know them, listened to their stories, laughed together and built a real friendship? What if we did this in the spirit of hope, dignity and love that all people deserve—no judgements, no expectations, but together as equals? And then what if we brought the collective knowledge of all the partners we know from the Carnival of Love to help our friends improve their lives?

This program will be a game changer for our neighbors on Skid Row and will change lives on both sides of the colon.

All we need now is 100 people in Los Angeles to sign up for one amazing year of friendship, dignity and love.

And we'll be supporting these volunteers emotionally, financially and with the resources they need to make a lasting change in someone's life

So to apply to be part of this groundbreaking program, please follow the link below: